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Stealin’ Apples Jazz Band

The Stealin’ Apples Jazz Band is pianist Shane Allen’s love letter to classic, rowdy, four-on-the-floor swing dance music. Since the age of 16, Shane has been a gigging musician and dedicated student of the jazz tradition, blessed with the opportunity to learn from modern giants (Robert Glasper, Ethan Iverson) as well as classic masters (Sebastien Whitaker, Dennis Dotson).

After graduating from the acclaimed jazz program at Houston, TX’s High School for Performing and Visual Arts, Shane was a four-year staple member of St. Olaf College’s top jazz band, which won Downbeat Magazine’s Best Large Ensemble award in 2011. Since graduating, he has worked as a modern/ballet dance accompanist, played for lindy hop house parties in Minneapolis, and haunted the many late night jams at Herräng Dance Camp.

In Eugene, OR, he leads the Stealin’ Apples Jazz Band to connect the world-class faculty and students of the University of Oregon jazz program with lindy hoppers’ passion for swing-era dance music.

Jonathan Ng

Jazz violinist, vocalist, and bandleader Jonathan Ng has spent the majority of his life making music that moves people. He specializes in the traditions of swing and gypsy jazz, combining musical virtuosity with emotional expression. Jonathan also possesses a unique knowledge of swing dance bandleading founded on his expertise as a lindy hop, balboa, and blues dancer. Whether playing for a seated audience or a crowded floor of dancers, Jonathan seeks to share the spark which made him first fall in love with the recordings of Django Reinhardt and Count Basie.

Jonathan’s performances combine a musical acuity born from years of classical training with a captivating showmanship honed playing to countless packed rock clubs. As a member of the swing-ragtime band Ellis Dyson & the Shambles, Jonathan toured throughout the Eastern United States playing venues ranging from the Cat’s Cradle in North Carolina to the Mercury Lounge in New York.

Jonathan has performed with many of the foremost musicians of both the swing and gypsy jazz scenes, including Gordon Webster, Greg Ruby, Casey MacGill, Christiaan Van Hemert, and Katherine Whalen (of the Squirrel Nut Zippers). He has also performed as a part of festivals from Djangofest Northwest to IBMA World of Bluegrass. Jonathan is currently based in Seattle, Washington.

The Hot Lovin’ Jazz Babies

The Hot Lovin’ Jazz Babies are a high-powered swing ensemble based in Portland, Oregon featuring Doug Sammons and Dee Settlemier, front persons for the long-time Portland swing band the Midnight Serenaders.  The group was put together at the beginning of 2015 specifically for the now closed Secret Society, and has since become a favorite of Portland’s swing dance community.  The Hot Lovin’ Jazz Babies strive to resurrect the spirit of late 1930’s small band ensembles such as Fats Waller & his Rhythm, Teddy Wilson and his Orchestra, and Billy Holiday and her Orchestra.  The group has a monthly residency at Thursday Swing! hosted by Portland Lindy Society – Portland’s premier weekly live music swing dance, and perform at other Portland area dance clubs.  They were also featured at the 2016 and 2017 Portland Lindy Exchanges.  The 7-piece band features Dee Settlemier on drums/vocals, Doug Sammons on guitar/vocals, Pete Lampe on bass, John Moak on trombone, David Evans on sax/clarinet, Garner Pruitt on trumpet, and Ralph Huntley on piano.  Leon Cotter on sax/clarinet and Charlie Porter on trumpet also perform occasionally with the group.

Nick Davis

Nick Davis (aka DJ Nick at Night) began dancing in 1998 and discovered Lindy Hop in 2002. Since founding Eugene, Oregon’s Track Town Swing in 2012, Nick has traveled around the globe to hone his dancing skills. He was the 2014 Frankie Manning Foundation Ambassador to Herräng Dance Camp in Sweden.

Since then, he has become part of the Frankie Manning Foundation and is actively involved in shaping the future of the global swing dance scene. Nick can be found teaching in his home scene or DJing at events like Camp Jitterbug, Lindy Bout, Midwest Lindy Fest, Lindy Focus, or Herrang Dance Camp. He enjoys the work and believes that bringing people together through the joy of swing dancing and jazz music is his true life calling.

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