2019 Spirit of Jeff Troupe Award

2019 Spirit of Jeff Troup Award Winner: Darcie Juarez!

2019 Spirit of Jeff Troup Award Winner Darcie Juarez doing what she does best — smiling!  Photo Credit: Evrim Icoz Photography

This year, the Spirit of Jeff Troup Award goes to Darcie Juarez.  We’ve decided to honor Darcie for her enthusiasm, cheerfulness, friendliness, sincerity, and spirit of inclusion which make her not only a treasured mentor for new dancers, but also a great role model for seasoned lindy hoppers. Darcie happily dances with anyone — lead or follow — regardless of their experience, ability, or dance role. Darcie supports all corners of the Portland swing dance scene with regular attendance at most social dances in our community, and continuously demonstrates her passion for dancing and teaching, all while maintaining a busy schedule raising a family and running her own business. We are fortunate and thankful to have such an admirable and deserving swing dance ambassador among us. Thank you, Darcie!

Learn more about the Portland Lindy Society’s Jeff Troup Award here.

Thank you!

Thank you for an amazing 2019 Portland Lindy Exchange!

Friends – THANK YOU for an amazing weekend of music, dancing, teaching, learning, and performing. There were so many amazing moments that it’s hard to pick just one, but none of them would be possible without the support of our amazing dance community.

Opening Night of the 2019 Portland Lindy Exchange with the Bridgetown Sextet! Photo Credit: Evrim Icoz Photography

Please share any awesome pictures or videos that you have so we can relive the weekend. Shout out to Evrim Icoz for the awesome photography.

Stay tuned and more to come! 
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– Portland Lindy Exchange / Portland Lindy Society