Workshops & Classes

Workshops & Classes

Due to last year’s overwhelming success, PDXLX is bringing back Saturday Workshops in 2019!

This year we will feature two workshops on Saturday, May 18th focused on Lindy Hop, Charleston, and Solo Jazz movements. The Saturday Workshops will be held at the Bossanova Ballroom, 722 E Burnside. Access to both of the Saturday workshops can be purchased for $20 at the registration page. Read below for class contents and instructors!

Please note that due to popular demand, the workshops are expected to completely SELL OUT.  Buy your tickets today to reserve a spot before they’re all gone!

In addition to the Saturday Workshops, PDXLX will host drop-in lessons at the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evening dances.  Drop-in classes are included in all weekend passes and are also open to anyone with tickets to the evening dances.


Adam Brozowski

Adam Brozowski (left) and Máté Csike (right).

Adam Brozowski Originally from Seattle, Adam fell in love with Swing and Jazz music at 11 years old. Since then, Adam has been a member of the International Lindy Hop and Swing dance communities and travels the world as a teacher, performer choreographer and voice of all things swing. Known for his accomplishments in Tap, Solo-Jazz, Balboa and Lindy Hop as both a leader and follower, Adam has a unique multi-faceted skill set on the dance floor. In the classroom, Adam is well known for his creative and out of the box approach to teaching. Often throwing convention out the window, Adam places a high value on musicianship, creative experimentation, self expression, historical inspiration (not appropriation) and a complete equality between the voice of the follow and the leader. Adam is especially proud of his work in raising visibility for the LGBTQAI+ community in swing dance with his Hungarian dance partner Máté Csike in their continuing efforts to de-gender the roles of the “lead” and “follow.” Adam is delighted to teach for PDX for the first time.

Johnna Gurgel

Johnna started her Lindy Hop and Vernacular Solo Jazz dance career in Portland, OR in 2013. Since then, she’s competed and taught in Lindy Hop scenes across North America winning competitions at Lindy Bout, Camp Jitterbug, Montreal Swing Riot, and more.

As a dancer, Johnna is passionate about feel-good partner dancing, musical phrasing in movement, and drawing inspiration from OG dancers like Marie Bryant and Wilda Crawford.

Class Description: Solo Jazz and Musicality

How can you learn solo jazz and musicality at once? Through this class! Join Johnna in a dance journey and learn about musical phrasing, solo jazz movement technique and more in this one-hour choreography focused class. All levels welcome!