Sherri Colby and the Racket Makers

Sherri Colby’s Racket Makers Jazz Band harbor some of the finest young musicians playing early jazz in the US today. The Racket Makers’ music will have you dancing and swinging all night long. Just take a listen and you will hear their love for the old songs and styles that invoke the spirit of New Orleans jazz. Inspired by their love for the tradition, the Racket Makers’ energy is infectious and the music goes right to the heart of the matter. Let’s have fun!

Casey MacGill and the High 5

Casey and the High 5 are coming to the Saturday late night at Bossanova to bring you the best grooves for your moves. The rhythm section of Jen Hodge, Josh Roberts, and Casey MacGill are going to rock your world, and the horns of Jacob Zimmerman and David Evans will put some sweet icing on a solid cake.

Listen for special arrangements of well-known dance anthems and catchy originals of Casey. Their goal is to take your weekend to the next level, so don’t miss it.

Midnight Serenaders

Proving that hot jazz and vintage swing of the 1920-40s is as relevant as ever, the Midnight Serenaders provide an infectious and irreverent take on the raucous and carefree music of “The Jazz Age.” The band formed in 2005, putting together a sound reminiscent of the small swing combos popular during the 20s and 30s, adding a Hawaiian flavor with the inclusion of ukulele and Hawaiian Steel guitar, with lots of clarinet and muted trumpet. Led by the charming frontline of crooner/rhythm guitarist Doug Sammons and ukelele-strumming chanteuse Dee Settlemier, the Serenaders’ repertoire consists of specially chosen gems from the past, as well as vintage sounding original songs. The Midnight Serenaders are based in Portland, Oregon and perform at clubs and events throughout the Pacific Northwest, continuing to delight audiences with their brand of hot retro swing.


THE HOT LOVIN’ JAZZ BABIES is the side project of Doug Sammons and Dee Settlemier, front persons for the long-time Portland swing band the Midnight Serenaders. The project was put together at the beginning of 2015 specifically for the Secret Society’s Thursday Swing night series, and has since become a favorite of Portland’s swing dance community. The group strives to resurrect the spirit of late 1930’s small band ensembles such as Fats Waller & his Rhythm, Teddy Wilson and his Orchestra, and Billy Holiday and her Orchestra. The Hot Lovin’ Jazz Babies have a monthly residency at the Secret Society and perform at other Portland area dance clubs, and performed at the 2016 Portland Lindy Exchange. The 7-piece band features Dee Settlemier on drums/vocals, Doug Sammons on guitar/vocals, Pete Lampe on bass, John Moak on trombone, Leon Cotter on sax/clarinet, Charlie Porter on trumpet, and Ralph Huntley on piano.

Baby and the Pearl Blowers

Vintage New Orleans & old Chicago style hot jazz & blues. Baby & The Pearl Blowers is an all-star Portland band of premier musicians inspired by early American jazz. Lots of brass and plenty of hot swingin’ boogie. Baby & The Pearl Blowers deliver American roots music that was born in the brothels, saloons, night clubs, and street corners of New Orleans & old Chicago.